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Shishi Kiyari event of Yaizu Shrine    

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Shishi Kiyari is a folkloric event where girls dressed in Tegomai-isho costume carry the shishimaku cloth which is extended from the shishigashira (lion head gear) of a pair of male and female shishi (lions) and parade singing a kiyaribushi song in time to the movements of the shishi at the head of the Togyo gyoretsu parade which is performed at the Annual Grand Festival of Yaizu Shrine (also known as Yaizu Ara Matsuri), which is held on August 13 every year. This event was designated an Intangible Cultural Property by Shizuoka Prefecture in March, 1978 and in December the same year, as an Intangible Folk Cultural Property which Requires Documentation, etc. by the Government, together with the "Kamikorogashi" event.
At present, the Kiyariuta song is preserved and handed down by the Preservation Society. Every year, when the summer approaches, girls in elementary schools are called for to join in a crash training course in preparation for the festival.

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