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Shishimai A local traditional performing art of Suzuka    

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There are several shishimai dances with an ancient origin in Suzuka City. They include the shishimai performed at Tsubaki Okamiyashiro Shrine in Yamamoto-cho and the one performed at Inou Shrine in Inou (Intangible Folk Cultural Properties of Mie Prefecture), and the ones performed at Tsubaki Nakato Shrine in Ichinomiya-cho and Kukushimi Shrine in Shimomida-cho. These shishimai are called the "Yamamoto school," "Inau school," "Nakato school", and "Mida school" shishimai, depending on the area. The influence of these four schools is extremely strong and it is said that most of the shishimai in the Hokusei and Chusei districts in Mie Prefecture can be classified into one of these four schools. In this film, shishimai handed down and performed in 20 places in Suzuka City are recorded.

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