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Tsu City , Mie
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Jizo Odori dance of Katsurahata    

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The Katsurahata Jizo Odori dance is a traditional event that has been handed down in the Katsurahata area of Misato-cho, where beautiful rice fields spread out between the hills to the west of Tsu City. On August 24 every year, on the day of the Jizo-bon, the Kanko Odori dance is dedicated to Koyasu Kannon Bosatsu at Dounji Temple.
The dance, which consists of six dancers, six singers, five players for conch horns and five flutists, starts around 6 oclock in the evening and continues into the night until about 11 oclock.
There are about 10 different dances, including Miya Odori and Tera Odori. They belong to Honen Odori, or dances for harvest thanksgiving, and the dancers dress in rice planting garb and carry flowers as a symbol of the ears of the rice plant on their shoulders. The dance is dedicated in order to pray for fertility and a good harvest and is said to have been carried on since the period of the North and South Dynasties (1336-1392).

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