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Tayama Hana Odori dance    

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Tayama Hana Odori is dedicated at Suwa Shrine which enshrines a tutelary deity in its Autumn Festival held on November 3 every year.
This dance has been performed as the highest form of the rain-making rituals that were practiced by the local people. Although its origin is unknown, records state that it was performed in the year of famine in 1773 (the second year of the Ansei era).
The Iriha gyoretsu is a parade which starts from the center of the village and ends at the shrine, taking about one hour. In the precincts of the shrine, dances, including the Atago Odori dance, are performed for about one hour.
The members prepare for the festival, divided into parts such as those for songs and for drums. The Preservation Society treasures its long history and has been endeavoring to revitalize and hand down the local culture by fostering successors.

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