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Zaodos Setsubune ceremony    

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On February 3 every year, the setsubun or bean-scattering ceremony celebrating the coming of spring, is held at Zaodo in Kimpusenji Temple in Mt. Yoshino.
When the ceremony has finished, the ceremony of driving demons into submission, called Chofukushiki of the demons or the Onibi no Saiten, is performed. This Chofukushiki is quite different from that of the other temples, in that they chant "Fuku wa uchi, oni mo uchi" (In with fortune, in with demons, too!), trying to call in all the demons driven away from buildings all over Japan. When the raging demons are persuaded to take Buddhist vows by the merit of the Buddhist sutra and the power of the Buddhist dharma, as well as the beans hurled by the believers, the ceremony is concluded.
The origin of this ceremony is not known but it is said to be based on the legend that Ennogyoja, the founder of Kimpusenji Temple, bound a demon using a spell with the power of the Buddhist dharma, converted him to Buddhism and took him up as his disciple.

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