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Local toys of Kurayoshi Dorotenjin and Hakota Ningyo dolls    

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Hariko or papier-mache dolls and doroningyo or clay dolls used to be created all over Japan as toys with religious implications but they rapidly disappeared after World War II.
Among the clay dolls, Dorotenjin in particular used to be given to boys on their first Boys Festival with wishes for their sound growth in the Hoki area of Tottori Prefecture and other areas in the Chugoku District.
Dorotenjin of Kurayoshi is painted red. The Hakota dolls, which are made of papier-mache and characterized by the fact that the limbs are not depicted, are a representative local toy of Kurayoshi. It is not clear when they started to be produced in Kurayoshi but they are said to have been brought to the area from Bingo Province in the Tenmei era (1781-1788).
Most of the craftsmen for both Dorotenjin and Hariko had gone out of business by around 1955 and Mr. Akira Miyoshi remains the only craftsman who preserves the production technique to the present day.

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