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Okinoshima-cho , Shimane
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Festival of Oyama Shrine Yamamatsuri festival of Fuse    

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The Yamamatsuri festival of Fuse is the Annual Festival of Oyama Shrine which is located in Fuse, Okinoshima-cho. It first appears in records in the 10th year of the Kanbun era (1667). The object of worship at Oyama Shrine, a gigantic cedar tree which still continues to grow, has a special significance to people in the Fuse area, different from any other shrines.
The Annual Festival is held on the first day of the oxen in April every year and begins with the ritual of kazura (vine) cutting which takes place the day before the festival. This ritual is called Obidachi, and sakaki tree branches and flowers are also cut for the Shinto rituals in the festival to be held the following day.
On the day of the festival, the vine is wrapped around the sacred trees of Oyama Shrine in Minamidani and Nakadani and around the one in Ara Shrine. This ritual is called Obishime and is one of the main events of the Yamamatsuri festival, together with Obidachi.

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