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Enburi dance event in 2002    

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The Enburi dance event of Hachinohe, held from February 17 for four days every year, is a folkloric performing art, held to pray for a good harvest. The name "Enburi" is thought to come from "eburi," a farming tool for leveling the rice field.
The dance has a characteristic movement where the dancer called the tayu with an eboshi hat (formal headwear for court nobles) imitates the movement of sticking a bar called a janki into the ground or trailing it along. There are two types of dance: one called the Nagaenburi with slow movements and the other called the Dosaienburi with a quick tempo. Between those dances, other dances are performed, including dances for celebration, such as Matsu no Mai, Ebisu Mai, and Daikoku Mai, and the one called "Enko-enko" which is performed by children.
These dances were designated a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property in 1979.

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