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Yamaguchi Osugi hayashi    

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It is not certain when the Osugi hayashi was started. However, a story has been passed down orally through the elders that "Once upon a time, the village was hit by an epidemic. When the villagers borrowed the mikoshi or the portable shrine from the Torikochi and paraded it, the epidemic subsided. Since then, they started the Osugi hayasi by borrowing the mikoshi from Torikochi."
The hayashi or festival music which has been handed down at Yamaguchi Osugi Shrine belongs to the Neri Furyu school. The music is a requiem performed by the mikoshi and hayashi for Kamimukae (receiving the god) and Kamiokuri (sending off the god). The hayashi is played for the mikoshi parade and has many repertoires, its characteristic being its valiant and buoyant tempo.
Osugi Shrine enshrines a god of water and its faith involves prayers for protection from water disasters related to river transportation on the Tone River, the Watarase River, etc., as well as for protection from smallpox and the granting of a bumper catch of fish and a good harvest.

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