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Local performing art of Musashino City Musashino bayashi, an Intangible Cultural Property    

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According to legend, the Musashino bayashi festival music was created around Kichijoji-mura in order to liven up the festival of Musashino Hachiman Shrine in the second year of the Bunkyu era (1862). It has been handed down through the generations by the "Kichijoji hayashi renju" society. It is composed of six numbers and is played by an troupe consisting of a big drum, two small drums, a gong and a flute.
Musashino City decided to preserve the Musashino bayashi as its traditional performing art and designated it an Intangible Folk Cultural Property on April 6, 1971. (Due to the revision of the Musashino City Ordinance for the Protection of Cultural Property enacted on April 1, 2005, the status of the Musashino bayashi was changed from the Shigigei or the Citys art to the Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Musashino City).

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