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Dance away in the mountains    

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This film introduces and explains the Ayakomai dance.
The Ayakomai is a folkloric performing art which has been handed down in Takanda and Shimono, the two areas in Onadani. It conveys the image of early kabuki dance and consists of odori (dances), hayashimai (dances with music), and kyogen (a comic drama). It has been handed down through the first sons of the zamoto or promoters family as a secret of the area.
This film contrasts the two areas and explains about the differences in costumes and in the composition of the hayashi musical instruments and the melodies of the flute, as well as the common features, such as the red headwear called yurai. It also introduces the present day activities for handing down the tradition, including the training course for fostering successors and the approaches to the study of local heritage in the elementary and junior high schools.

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