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Goganshinji ritual    

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The Goganshinji ritual is held on February 10 every year at Sugo Isobe Shrine. According to legend, it was started in order to conquer a giant serpent which used to live in the area.
When the festival approaches, a giant rope representing the giant snake is made and about 200 green bamboos are prepared. In the ritual, young men dressed entirely in white rush into the precincts of the shrine carrying the green bamboos in their hands and hit them hard onto the stone steps and the stone pavement to split them. At around the time all the bamboos are split, the young men pull the big serpent out of the haiden or the hall of worship and throw it into the Daishoji River, concluding the ritual.
The split bamboos can be taken away by the audience. It is said that the kites made of these bamboos fly well, and that chopsticks made of them will stop toothache.

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