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Shimonoseki City , Yamaguchi
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Hamaide-sai festival    

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The Hamaide-sai or Hamaide-dono-sai festival, the biggest folkloric festival held in the Hohoku area in Shimonoseki City and held once every seven years, has been designated an Intangible Folk Cultural Property by Yamaguchi Prefecture.
The festival is a "match-making festival" where the female god from Itsukushima Shrine in the mountainous Tasuki Ono area and the male god from Ebisu Shrine in the seaside Kamitama area meet. It is said to be a festival where people pray for the areas peace and prosperity by holding a year-specified festival for uniting the mountain and the seaside with their different products in accordance with the principle of yin and yang.
In the festival, a grand parade organized by the parishioners of each dressed in time-honored costumes proceeds along the distance of about 18 km between the Tasuki and Kamitama areas, up to the ceremonial site of Doigahama beach. On its route, at the ceremonial site for the meeting ceremony in Takibe, various Shinto rituals, including the Shinto ritual of burikiri (cutting a yellowtail) and the Miyaza gyoji events, are performed according to ancient custom.

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