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Minami-cho , Tokushima
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Fukizutsu Hanabi fireworks    

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Akamatsu is a mountainous village enfolded by low hills, some 10 km inland from the Ohama Beach in Hiwasa, Tokushima, which is famous for its turtles.
The villages specialty is the hand-made Fukizutsu Hanabi or cartouche fireworks with a history of more than 150 years, handed down in the village since the Edo period. A bamboo tube about one meter long and packed with black powder is lit at the hole made at the upper end of the tube, shooting the sparks upward. The scene where the sparks explode into fireworks at about 15 m high against the night sky is almost a work of art.
Enkagumi or the firework group from the 15 settlements each dedicate such Fukizutsu Hanabi to the tutelary god at the Annual Autumn Festival (October), gathering many spectators from inside and outside of the prefecture.
The Fukizutsu Hanabi was designated an Intangible Cultural Property by the town on October 20, 1998. The local people are endeavoring to preserve and hand down this event as a piece of cultural heritage, together with the Kamiodori dance which has also been handed down in the area.

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