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Oniyo of Tamataregu of Daizenji Temple - National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property    

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This is a film which records the "Daizenji Tamataregu no Oniyo" event held on January 7 every year, known as one of the three biggest fire festivals of Japan.
It is said to have started about 1600 years ago and includes rituals and events such as the rituals of Kimensojin and Tanemaki held during the day, and the rituals of Otaimatsu-mawashi and the Hokomen and the Kidomawari events held at night. Otaimatsu-mawashi, in particular, is a piece de resistance where six one-meter diameter, 12-meter long giant burning torches dedicated by the local parishioners are supported by naked young men and valiantly carried around the main hall, scattering fire sparks.
In this film, not only the scenes of the festival where a large number of spectators are gathered but also the hidden efforts of the people who support the festival are introduced, including the preparation at the previous end of the year until the cleaning up on the day after the festival, involving the shrines and temples and many local people.

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