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Dengaku dance of Shirahige Shrine    

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Dengaku of Shirahige Shrine is a form of dance and music dedicated by people in the Kawakubo area at the Festival of Shirahige Shrine on October 18 and 19 every year and is in the chigodengaku (childrens dengaku) style.
The dengaku consists of one "hanakatame" infant, who carries an artificial flower, one "suttenten" infant, who carries a tsuzumi drum, four "sasaratsuki" boys, who play sasara instruments, two "kakeuchi" youths, who play the drum, and seven adults, who play the flute. Each performers movement and costume have distinctive features which are rare in the Kyushu District.
The dengaku of Shirahige Shrine is inscribed on the stone torii gate of the shrine built in the 19th year of the Kyoho era (1734) as "Toki ni sosu muradengaku" and the year is considered to be the start of the dedication of the dengaku. However, the origin of the dance is thought to go back to the Heian period (794-1192) when the tsuzumi drum accompanied the rice planting song sung during rice planting work, and that gradually the flute and other tsuzumi were added to form the present day ensemble.

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