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Menburyu dance - A tradition of Kashima    

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Menburyu is a traditional performing art which represents Saga Prefecture. The leading players are dancers who wear grim demon masks and valiant Kakeuchi costumes, and are accompanied by gongs, drums, and flutes and the like in a furyu parade.
Because of its stirring character, one of the theories concerning its origin traces it to a battle that took place during the Warring States period (middle of the 15th century to the middle of the 16th century). It has been dedicated from olden times in order to pray for a good harvest and to expel illnesses, mainly in the southwest area of Saga Prefecture.
This film introduces a brief description of the two representative Menburyu, each of which belongs to a different style which has been handed down in the Otonari area and the Hogaura area. Both of them have been designated Important Intangible Cultural Properties by the prefecture. In the film, the origin, props, roles, and the structure of the way it is dedicated are shown to differ between the two dances. It also urges the necessity of passing on the local traditional culture to the future by depicting the activities of handing down the dance from adults to children.

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