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The Kamitogawa Shishi-odori and the Kuroishi Yosare Moto-odori    

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The Kamitogawa Shishi-odori (the lion dance of Kamitogawa) starts annually with the Shishiokosi ritual held at the Nagaisawa Shrine on April 8 according to the traditional lunar calendar. It is then dedicated to the Gods on August 14, the eve of the Kamitogawa Hachimangu festival, and performed as the ritual of Shishiosame at the Kamitogawa Hachimangu Shrine on August 15 of the traditional calendar. The dance is also performed upon request for various auspicious occasions. This film includes eight plays of the Kamitogawa Shishi-odori, including the Kaido-watari, Onna-jishi Kisoi, Yamagake and Jugoya. The Kuroishi Yosare Moto-odori is the traditional dance that forms the basis for the Kuroishi Yosare, a dance which is esteemed as one of Japans three biggest dance parades and held in August every year. Special attention has been paid to capturing as much as possible the entire dance on film so that every movement can be seen clearly. A film of the present-day dance parade is included so as to allow the changes over time to be understood.

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