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The Craftsmanship for the Sculptured Yatai - A Record of Restoration of a Yatai    

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The Yatai Event of the Kanuma Imamiya Shrine Festival was designated an Intangible Folk Cultural Property by the Japanese Government in 2003. The festival is held every year on the second weekend in October. The outstanding feature of this festival is the parade of gorgeously colored Saishiki Yatai and the robust Shiraki Yatai of plain wood. These sculptured Chokoku yatai built in the Edo Period (they are Tangible Cultural Properties of the city) are said to be strongly influenced by the shrine architecture of Nikko, and many artisans including carpenters, vehicle craftsman, sculptors, lacqerware painters, coloring craftsmen, and goldsmiths were involved. These craftsmen who have inherited their skills still take part in the building and restoration of Yatai and the festival has been continued to the present day. This film shows the process of such restoration and introduces the traditional skills of the craftsmen along the way.

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