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Nanjho City , Okinawa
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Annual events of Kudaka Island    

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Kudaka Island was considered "the land where every crop originated," and "the island of the gods" in the era of the Kingdom of Ryukyu. Women on the island often had the opportunity to serve at the Ryukyu Court as priestesses. Such a background and the islands pride at being sacred ground for the beginning of the Kingdom of Ryukyu have left the island with many festivals.
The events involving all of the islanders add up to more than 30 and are held all through the year. Under the present circumstances, where festivals are changing everywhere, people on the Kudaka Island are faced with a tough challenge to preserve the events which have been handed down by their ancestors.
All the festivals are based on the Lunar Calendar and such festivals as the harvest festival, prayer for health, and prayer for a good catch are performed all through the year. The festivals are held in places such as "utaki" (summit), "ga" (spring), and "tun" (hall), which are always kept clean to keep the dignity of the sacred ground.

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