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Ibuki Shrine Regular Festival Osataiko Odori Hikiyama Matsuri in Tarui    

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This is a video that records festivals inherited in Tarui-cho. The Ibuki Shrine Regular Festival is a festival for praying for a good harvest and safety of the village. After a divine service is performed by Shinto priests, kagura with eleven repertories are dedicated. (Event-holding date: April every year)

Osataiko Odori is said to originate from beating drums to pray for rain at Nangu Shrine. To the accompaniment of dance songs of the singers, dancers perform five dances with a one-meter-diameter drum weighing more than 50 kg bound to their bellies while beating the drum. (Event-holding date: October)

At the Tarui Hikiyama Matsuri, three wheeled floats are paraded throughout the town and on the stage of the floats, children perform kodomo kabuki. In Hongaku (main festival), stick-art before the altar at Yaegaki Shrine, surikasuri or three wheeled floats passing one another around narrow corners, and others are performed. (Event-holding date: May 2 to 4)

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