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Okazaki City , Aichi
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Natuyama Hachimangu Himatsuri Fire Festival    

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Fire is the theme of the festival. Young people who have purified themselves by bathing in a small waterfall collect fire by building fire using fire-making tools used from ancient times and use it as goshinto or sacred lantern. Gods who reside in the village are invited to the festival by calling their names one by one, and in this situation, the festival continues. When it gets dark, a big heap of sticks formed on the precincts is ignited, and around the fire, young people who play the role of oni or ogres and tayu or protagonists have various comic dialogues. The ogres, who are double-checked, take out a flaring rod, expel the audience, and the audience tries to stand under the rain of sparks while running about trying to escape because it is believed that being under a rain of sparks prevents people from catching cold throughout the year. The day declines in screams and happy cries.
(Event-holding date: The Sunday closest to September 9 of the lunar calendar)

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