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Asuke Matsuri    

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Asuke Matsuri is the regular festival of Asuke Hachimangu and is also called Baka Matsuri or fools festival and is splendidly held with portable shrines, wheeled floats presented by four towns (machi-kata or urban areas), a firearm corps equipped with about 200 harquebuses provided by neighborhood community associations (zai-kata or local areas), and guarded by bonote or choreographed martial art.

In the past, hojoe or ceremony of releasing captive animals and yabusame or horseback archery were held, and from zai-kata, many decorated horses were presented, too. Four wheeled floats have a unique style called Asuke type, and are about 650 cm tall. It is unknown when the floats were built, but kyogen farces were performed on the wheeled float of Shin-machi in 1762. However, since the towns of Asuke were hit by a big fire in 1775, it is unknown whether the then wheeled floats had the same style as the wheeled floats of today.
(Event-holding date: October)

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