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Tsu City , Mie
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Takazahara Divine Service of the Mountain Gods    

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In the early morning of Sunday after New Years Day, a divine service of the mountain gods is performed. This divine service is said to have been conducted from the days of Emperor Suijin, for praying for abundant crops and a perfect state of health. First of all, Otoko-Mata and Mesu-Mata, which become shintais (objects of worship), are fabricated from the wood cut down from mountains. Then, Okurakashi and Zennotsuna, which become a bonfire, are set up. Furthermore, Utsugi-no-ki-no-zen (small dining tables made of deutzia) and Otoshidama (New Years presents) are fabricated, too. Eventually, in front of the god, a divine service is conducted. Village people toast rice cakes with the fire of this Okurakashi to pray for one year of harvest and good health.

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