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Kinomoto Shrine, Kinomoto Matsuri Roppo gyoretsu (Roppo Parade) handed down to Kinomoto-cho, Kumano City Kumano City intangible folk cultural property    

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Kinomoto Shrine was transferred in 1608 in Kinomoto-cho facing the Pacific Ocean, east of Kumano City. The main shrine has the roof re-thatched once a decade and the main shrine is re-built once every 20 years. This is a historic shrine which has shrine dogs made by ichiboku-zukuri (single-block carving) in the Kamakura period. Every year, by escorting the passage of the portable shrine, Roppo gyoretsu advances and its central characters are boys from the seventh to ninth grade. Holding tools prepared by the Roppo Gyoretsu Conservation Association, the boys march in procession just like daimyo (feudal lords). The tools include hasamibako (a pair of storage boxes), shaguma (red mane), torike (the tail feather of a Totenko cock), halberds, spears, tategasa (an umbrella with a long handle), daigasa (a rain helmet mounted on a pole), bow, gun, and tenmoku (long spear).

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