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A popular festival to be inherited Sasaki Matsuri (Sasaki Festival) - Sasaki Shrine of Azuchi-cho, Shiga Prefecture -    

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In Azuchi-cho, Sasaki Shrine is dedicated before the Heian period. The objects of worship are Obiko-no-Mikoto, Sukunabikona, Emperor Nintoku, and Emperor Uda and Atsumi-Shinno. In particular, Emperor Uda and Shinno are said to be ancestors of Sasaki-Genji. In Sasaki Shrine, various events have been carried out since the Edo period, and some have been passed down even to the present day.

In March, led by men aged over 42 called Manju, rope-making is performed and complicated knots such as wooden pail ropes, etc. are passed down. In addition, ditch reeds are gathered and bundled up to form big torches. These are then pulled around the town and brought to Sasaki Shrine, before being pulled out to an open space, and ignited in the hope for abundant crops and the well-being of families. Thereafter, 3 portable shrines are pulled out, and Mikoshi no mai (dance of the portable shrine) gets underway in a predetermined order.
(Event-holding date: April, May, and October)

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