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Revived old private residence Former residence of the Kajitani family, Kawachinagano City    

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Kawachinagano City is located in the southeastern part of Osaka Prefecture and is blessed with a historical and physical environment. Traditional private residences in the Takihata district are known as gable-end Takihata-type private residences. This district has more than half of its district submerged in water because of the dam constructed in 1981 but in this event, the residence of the Kajitani family presently designated as a cultural asset of Kawachinagano City was moved and restored, and the residence of the Sakon family was designated as an important cultural asset. However, the thatched roofs of these traditional private residences are difficult to maintain and began to be covered with iron sheets, and traditional rethatching is scarcely carried out. Recently, the dismantled and reconstructed residence of the Kajitani family was repaired, and the technique of traditional thatching that was carried out in the process was recorded. At the same time, mowing cogongrass, which has become scarce throughout Japan, at the cogongrass growing site of Mt. Iwaki of the district and heating were recorded, too.

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