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Mythology and folk tales of Kashiwara City    

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Shrines and temples at which we habitually casually glance or roads on which we walk without much attention have some story.

The shrines, temples, wells, and roads of Kashiwara City all have some kind of story: a well that Kobo Daishi struck with his walking stick and that the people dug, and then, from which water sprang forth; a statue of the Goddess Kannon who confined the naughty god of thunder in a well; the Dragon King (Joe) who brings the rains in time of drought. In addition, there are cases in which the origin is found in the Chronicles of Japan: a shrine dedicated to Ameno-Yukawatana who presented a swan to Emperor Suinin; a shrine dedicated to Tanabeno Fuhito Hakuson who exchanged his horse for another, which was changed into a clay image of a horse. If people who live throughout Japan find their regions or their hometowns interesting through viewing these video images, our goal will have been achieved.

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