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Awaji Ningyo Joruri (Japanese traditional narrative puppet show)    

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Awaji Ningyo Kyokai takes an active part in disseminating Awaji ningyo (puppet), pride of Awaji Island that has about a 500-year history, primarily to local community residents in order to pass Awaji ningyo down the generations, but at the same time, the Awaji Ningyoza provides traveling lectures of Awaji Ningyo Joruri for children in order to encourage the young generations who know little about Awaji Ningyo Joruri to actually feel its attractiveness.

One of the outstanding works of Awaji Ningyo Joruri, Ehon Taikoki or The Tycoons Exploits, Tenth Act, Scene of Amagasaki, story of Jujiro is performed.
Tools, posture, elocution, and talking manner varying by the age, gender, and feeling of the characters.
Description of material and types of shamisen, and how to hold it and how to hold a plectrum, presentation of conditions and sights.
Description of the head of a puppet operated by three persons, puppet construction, how to manipulate it, and method of expressing feelings.
Experience of puppet manipulation by some children.

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