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Masuda Itoayatsuri Ningyo Performance Ehon Taikoki (The Tycoons Exploits), Tenth Act (Scene of Amagasaki)    

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Masuda Itoayatsuri Ningyo or Masuda puppet originates from Sankichi Yamamoto who used to give a performance of puppet plays in Asakusa, Tokyo, but came down to Masuda in around 1887 and joined Komatsuren, a group of joruri lovers.

The form of puppetry played to gidayu-bushi or gidayu-tune is still played now, and dozens of strings are tied to many places of a puppet about 70 cm tall, and the tsukaite or performer manipulates the puppet from on a walking board located about 2 meters high by the use of hand plates called the fourth. Of puppets, the heads of Sanbanso with the name of Sadamaru Oe, puppet master of Bunrakuza, Osaka, are inherited.

Even today, Masuda Itoayatsuri Ningyo is performed by the Masuda Itoayatsuri Ningyo Holder Society mainly at Shimane Arts Center Grand Toit, and it is said that Masuda Itoayatsuri Ningyo is the only one puppet play in Japan that is still presented on stage with ancient forms remaining. It is designated an intangible cultural property of Shimane Prefecture. (Event-holding date: July 14, September 17, December 1, and March 9)

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