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Shinjo Bon Festival Dance    

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The glory days of Bon Festival Dance are said to have been marked about 300 years before now, during which time it is assumed that the Bon Festival Dance of Shinjo-son was started.

It is also said that at Shinjo-son, which used to be a post station on the former Izumo Kaido, the old Izumo road, nationwide dances were brought by travelers. The Shinjo Bon Festival Dance used to be performed for 3 days but is presently held on the Gaisen Cherry-Blossom Road on one night only of the Bon Festival. There are five kinds of Bon Festival Dance of Shinjo-son: Tengara, Manma, Kodaiji, Higashi, and Hayabizen, all of which are buoyant and familiar to everyone, and anyone can quickly and relatively easily join the Bon Festival Dance circle. Taiko or drums take the lead, followed by dancers, and everyone enjoys dancing on the Gaisen Cherry-Blossom Road.

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