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Iwakuni City , Yamaguchi
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Autumn festival of Ikimi Hachimangu Shrine - Kanayama Kagura and Kanayama Shishimai -    

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At the end of October, when the harvesting of rice is finished, the autumn festival of Ikimi Hachimangu enshrined in Ikimi, Miwa-cho is performed magnificently. It is Ikimi Hachimangu Shrine that attracts the faith of the people from ancient times as a general village shrine of settlements around Ikimi and Nakayama, located on both banks of the northern Ikimi River of Miwa-cho. Prior to the annual festival, on the festival eve, a lantern parade from nearby hamlets and kagura by the kagura preservation society are dedicated. Kagura is danced in turn every year by the Kanayama Kagura Preservation Society and the Yamashiro Shiraha Kagura Preservation Society in Miwa-cho. A shishimai or lion dance is subsequently dedicated on the annual festival the next day once every 25 years. It expresses a series of movements to awaken insect pests sleeping in paddy fields and expel them from there. This film includes such kagura numbers as Kobe no Hiraki, Susuhaki, Ebisu, Shibakijin, Oeyama, and Yamatano-orochi and the shishimai lion dance of this festival.

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