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Takamatsu City , Kagawa
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Hyoge Matsuri Kagawa-cho, Asano Kagawa-cho Hyoge Matsuri Preservation Council    

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Hyoge Matsuri is a Takamatsu Citys Designated Intangible Folk Cultural Property, and the film records the scenes from the preparation of one of the strangest festivals in Japan right up to the real festival.

The festival was started in remembrance of the virtue of Yanobe Heiroku, who built the Shin-ike pond to solve problems of water shortage in the Edo Period, as well as to give thanks for the bounty of water and pray for a generous harvest and is held on the second Sunday of September every year in the region centering around the Asano district of Kagawa-cho.

The features of this festival are the ritual articles used for the hangings of a mikoshi portable shrine, while the attire of tomozamurai or attendant warriors are all made from agricultural crops and household commodities, and colorfully made-up attendant warriors walk 2 km or so from the Shin-ike Shrine to the Shin-ike pond while playing the fool. "Hyogeru" means to play the fool, crack jokes or make funny gestures, and the name of Hyoge Matsuri is derived from here.

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