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Festival of hometown Kawafuryu of Dainichi    

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Kawafuryu is the performance art extensively distributed with the Ariake Sea coastal area of Saga Prefecture as the center and is primarily based on drums of various sizes. In general, Kawafuryu is performed by about 10 performers, such as three Japanese flutists, three shime-daiko drummers (Moryashi), three tsuzumi hand drummers, and one great drum. Kawafuryu is dedicated together with Kanefuryu. Kawafuryu is a rhythmical tune with a quick tempo, giving a brisk and mannish attraction, and features a musical accompaniment which fascinates spectators.

Kawafuryu is likely to provide a monotonous rhythm, but Kawafuryu of Dainichi has features whereby the leading role shifts from flute, shime-daiko, great drum, then back to flute, providing widely varying rhythms. In addition, the sharpness of bachi or wooden sticks, which is the determining factor of Kawafuryu, has outstanding brilliance, indicating its conspicuous presence among many Kawafuryu in Saga Prefecture. Kawafuryu of Dainichi is dedicated at Dainichisha Shrine at the time of Gion (July) every year and at Shiomi Shrine around the equinoctial week (September).
(Event-holding date: July 28 every year).

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