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Ogyon - Numata Gionmatsuri    

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Numata City, Gunma Prefecture, is located at the northernmost end of the Kanto district, where the Ogyon festival is hosted every year from August 3 to 5, despite the sweltering heat of the summer. Local people call this festival Gion or Ogyon. Its namesake was the Gionmatsuri of Kyoto, but people called it politely Ogion-matsuri, then affectionately Ogyon. In the festival a grand scene unfolds where the Mikoshi (miniature shrine) is paraded along the streets, accompanied by gorgeous floats with musicians, reminding one of the Tenka-matsuri festivals of Edo (former Tokyo). The Numata Gion-bayashi (music) follows the tradition of the Santeko-bayashi of Joshu school. Its distinctive characteristic lies in the traditional method of playing the drums, where the strongest sound and the faintest sound are clearly distinguished through the tuning of the roped drums at a higher pitch, as well as the arranging of the Chojaku-futobue (a kind of flute) similar to Nokan in the core to add a touch of sophistication. The tempo is slow in general. This Matsuri-bayashi is a grand and elegant style of music with a noble tone.

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