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Yamagashi City , Kumamoto
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Local performing art of Kikuka-machi colored by history and romance    

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Kikuka-machi, located at the north end of Kumamoto Prefecture, has abundant nature, a mild climate, and precious history remaining, and is thronged with people seeking cool air in the summertime. The film introduces various forms of traditional public entertainment left in the six districts. Obayashi Kagura is a divine service dedicated by four sword dance companies inherited for 18 generations. Oda Kagura started from the early period of the Meiji Era (1868-1912) and is the kagura dedicated to a community deity, which is restored and inherited as kodomo (children) kagura. Aira Kagura is a sword dance with a 200-year tradition. The Aira Amagoi Odori (ritual for rain dance) is a traditional performing art which sets the audience laughing by comical movements of men in the dance circle. Kiyama Haguma-furi or Kiyama Haguma postures is a parade dance with violent motion in contrast to the dedicated monotonous divine service, which is performed once every 25 years at the Matsuo Shrine with a 1200 year history. Asako Kaseidoriuchi is an event in which children smear their faces with sumi or Indian ink to disguise a deity, do the rounds of all the houses and give abundant harvest and the welfare of the household to residents.

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