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Gorindai sword swishing    

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Itayanagi-machi is a town located in the midwestern part of Aomori Prefecture and sandwiched between Mt. Iwaki and River Togawa. In the Gorindai district northeast of this town, every year, around June 1 of the lunar calendar, a mushiokuri event is held (Sanaburi, when the completion of rice-planting is celebrated). In this event, young men and women in the village liken bamboo sticks to swords and violently swish them to expel mushi (insect pests) in the village. The event is mentioned in the historical record of the riverside of the 12th year of Horeki (1762), and it is said that the event has continued for about 350 years.

Recently, in the Apple Lantern Festival in August and in the Aomori mountain climbing musical accompaniment recital contest, too, the Gorindai Sword Swishing Preservation Society performs on stage. In 1987, the event was designated an intangible cultural property of Itayanagi-machi. (Event-holding date: Spring and summer)

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