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Local performing art of Shizukuishi-cho Aniwa puppet show    

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The Aniwa puppet show that remains in Shizukuishi-cho, Iwate Prefecture, is a traditional puppet show that is descended from the Sarukura puppet show of Akita Prefecture.

In around 1924, when a company led by Kesazo Maruta, disciple of Yohachi Ikeda, founder of the Sarukura puppet show, went on a tour in Shizukuishi, it was Chojiro Hosokawa, a local young man of Aniwa who was enchanted by the puppet show and followed the company closely as if he had joined it. Chojiro started working under persons and acquired a special art, and attained independence in 1928. He launched the Hosokawa Puppet Show Company (later the Aniwa puppet show), made tours in various areas of Iwate Prefecture, and gained popularity.

In this documentary video film, enchantments of the traditional puppet show are thoroughly introduced, from the background to the establishment of the Aniwa puppet show to activities of the present reservation society, approaches to restoration of repertoires, and others.
(Event-holding date: November 23)

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