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Saotome Odori dance of Kobayashi    

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Saotome Odori is one of the rice-planting dances descended from the Tohoku region and in old times, the dance was performed in the whole area of the Aizu region. In and after the Meiji period (1868-1912), the dance was scarcely performed, and in the Kobayashi region, a preservation society was formed in 1960, and the tradition is carried on while training up successors.

It is customary for young boys in the neighborhood to dress up as rice-planting girls, and visit each home together with a musical band.

The dancers are two rice-planting girls and one clown (hyottoko or fire-boy), and a musical band called gakuya" or backstage is composed of two flutists, and one player each of the drum, shamisen, and gong, and as for the singers, all others participate.

As dances, Saotome Odori, Kobayashi Jinku or Kobayashi lively folk dance, and Kobayashi Okesa folk dance are performed successively, and when the dances are finished, two shishimai lion dancers and one hyottoko perform the kagura.
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