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Nasukozo and Nishinouchi-gami    

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The northern part of Ibaraki Prefecture and the Nasu-gun region of Tochigi Prefecture, which shares borders with Ibaraki Prefecture, were major producers of paper that boasted both quality and quantity in modern times. The representative of such paper was nishinouchi-gami, which was made primarily in the Hitachi-Mito territory and it was kozo or paper mulberry produced from the mountain-ridged regions of the northern part of Ibaraki Prefecture and distributed under the name of nasukozo that supported the high quality. Continuation of the production system of nasukozo, which is indispensable as a material of Echizen thick Japanese paper or genuine Mino paper even today, is a concern due to aging of producers and import of inexpensive foreign-grown kozo.

These video images are composed of two parts: Part I: Nasukozo, a detailed record from cultivation to shirokawa or white-bark processing and Part II: Nishinouchi-gami, which observes the characteristics of nishinouchi-gami that simultaneously satisfies requirements for both formality and toughness as official paper of various feudal clans and daifukucho or account books for old-time stores from the viewpoints of material processing techniques and papermaking techniques as well as tracing historical changes.

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