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Fujioka City , Gunma
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Daidai kagura mai, Mikuramiko Shrine Daidai kagura mai, Kotohira Shrine    

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Daidai kagura is dedicated by shrine parishioners at a stage for sacred dances at the autumnal regular grand festival of Mikuramiko Shrine in Joboji Yashio. The tradition came down from Shimokurisu in Fujioka and belongs to the Yamato School. Originally, daidai kagura descended from the school of Edo (the present Tokyo) was dedicated for the first time at the present place. (Event-holding date: Around October 9)

In Kotohira Shrine of Sanbagawa Ouchidaira, the spring grand festival is held every year and kagura is dedicated by shrine parishioners. The tradition is said to come down from Fujioka Doshi Shrine but in actuality, it was started by learning the basics from the shrine parishioners of Mikuramiko Shrine in Yashio. It is a precious kagura dance that was initiated by one village person and has been inherited. (Event-holding date: Around April 10)

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