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Kumagaya Citys Designated Intangible Folk Cultural Property Kuzuwadas abare-mikoshi - Osugi Shrine festival event -    

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The Kuzuwada region northeast of Kumagaya City along the Tone River used to be alive with people as the riverfront of transportation by water of the Tone River. Osugi Shrine on the waterfront is embraced as a god of protection from disasters in waters and it is said that hundreds of ships from various places touched down on feast days.

The festival is highlighted by the mikoshi or portable shrine that makes a tour of the three districts of Kuzuwada, Ono, and Tawarase with Shinmei Shrine (together with Osugi Shrine) as a starting point. Households in areas along the road prepare foods and refreshments to welcome the mikoshi, and the mikoshi that passes is violently tossed up and down while having water abundantly poured on it. On the roof of the mikoshi, bearers measure their strength with their arms around each other and with their heads meeting from four directions. A contest of physical strength that takes place still more violently in the Tone River as well as records of the mikoshi that used to pass across the river tell that this festival is a special summer festival for offering fervent prayers to prevent epidemics. (Event-holding date: Sunday in late July)

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