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Tsuku-mai (En-ya-ho) Yasaka Shrine Fesitval in Tenjin Ward, Asahi City    

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In Yadotenjin Ward, Asahi City, every year from July 26 to July 28, Ota-Gion of Yasaka Shrine is held. Tsuku-mai begins in the midst of encouraging shouts of children En-ya-ho on a stage built in the precincts when the mikoshi or portable shrine that has paraded the district returns to the shrine after the sunset of the regular festival day (July 27).

En-ya-ho is locally said to be yin and yang ho corrupted, and is the performance art of praying for the productiveness of grain, driving away evil spirits, and keeping their offspring prosperous. There is no definitely fixed posturing, and after performing pantomimes as to how insect pests, birds, and beasts ruin fields and for the prosperity of descendents, rising lions eventually give acrobatic performances on a 16-meter-tall tsukubashira or independent post, without wearing any safety belt and the festival marks a climax.
(Event-holding date: July 27)

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