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Oshima Okazato Kamiyo-kagura    

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The Okazato Kamiyo-kagura is said to have been introduced from Iida, Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture (present Iida-machi, Sano City). It had at first been dedicated to the gods by a shrine priest around the Iida area, but in 1868, the first year of the Meiji Period (1868-1912), it was handed down to the village people. Since then it has settled down as a folkloric performing art and still is performed in the area. The style of this Kagura is called Togasaki-ryu, and is characterized by antiquated, magnificent forms, and has a large repertoire of 12 dances, including the Okina, Koyane, Togakushi and Uzume. It is considered especially precious because it follows the tradition of Iwato-kagura which was started in the early middle ages and yet is also a typical example of Edo-kagura and Jindai-kagura. This film is a recording of a performance that took place on April 11, 1993, and includes a repertoire of 9 dances, namely Heimaishikisha, Okina, Koyane, Uzume, Togakushi, Kanayama, Ebisu, and Kitsune.

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