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Takaoka copperware Takaoka lacquerwork    

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Takaoka copperware produces 90% of Japanese copperware from living tools and Buddhist altar articles, lanterns, bells of Buddhist temples, to giant statues of Buddha. The features of Takaoka copperware are introduced, in which one town has all the technical groups from design to finish of a workpiece.

Multifarious skills needed for Takaoka lacquerwork concentrated into gorgeous and luxurious mikuruma-yama or wheeled floats equipped with all available techniques of Takaoka craftsmen at their highest sophistication (nationally designated important tangible and intangible assets). The video film introduces the attractions of Takaoka lacquerwork that has its roots deep in the townsmens culture and has evolved.

Masterpieces of Komin Ozawa, who was accredited on August 2005 as a living national treasure, the third person in metal casting in history, how he works, and interviews are introduced through highlights.

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