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Gion Matsuri of Himi Summer regular grand festival of Yasaka Shrine    

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Gion Matsuri of Himi is a summer festival held as a grand festival of shrine parishioners of the ten southern towns of Hiyoshi Shrine and as a grand festival of shrine parishioners of the six northern towns of Hinomiya Shrine facing each other with Nakano Bridge between them every year on July 13 and 14. Portable shrines and drum carts parade. Gion Matsuri is the biggest festival in Himi City in which five wheeled floats are pulled out in Minami-machi (southern towns) on July 14. There are different stories about the origin of the festival but it is said that around the Genroku period (1688-1703), the whole district of Himi-machi was visited by a plague, and to block the plague, Goza-machi, one of the southern towns, asked the Gion god enshrined in Yasaka Shrine of Kyoto to come to Himi-machi, and placed the Gion god on the portable shrine and paraded throughout the town to pray for healing. Thereafter, the ten southern towns and six northern towns participated in the festival, and the festival has become a lavish festival in which portable shrines parade. In the ten southern towns, there were ten wheeled floats but after the big Himi-machi fire in 1938, five wheeled floats were left, and at present, portable shrines are accompanied by drum carts. In the six northern towns, a huge doll called Tatemon exceeding 10 meters was pulled around in the Taisho era.

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