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Nanao City , Ishikawa
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Notojima no Aki Matsuri (Autumn Festival of Notojima Island)    

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Notojima no Aki Matsuri (Autumn Festival of Notojima Island) begins with Iyahime Shrine of Koda on the third Sunday of September, continuing for 17 days, and ending with Hassho Shrine (alias Bessho Shrine) of Shima-Bessho on October 19. The autumn festival expresses the joys of harvest and is a lively occasion compared to the simpler spring festival. The people invite relatives and friends to their homes, are wined and dined together, and give thanks for the harvest.

It may vary with the countries (villages) but the daily flow of the autumn festival is nearly the same: after the ritual of transferring the god to portable shrines and other rituals at the main shrine have been performed, shishimai is performed and Niwaka (mimes in the form of play) are held on the precinct. Thereafter, the portable shrines tour villages and are invited in by homes having had festive occasions in the year such as marriages, births, new constructions, and others, and shishimai and Niwaka are performed on the garden.

Video pictures are played in digest form based on the order of days of the festival.

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