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Hikiyama Matsuri of Hoshi/Kawai Sanno Matsuri of Minazuki Hikiyama Matsuri of Osawa    

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In Noto, hikiyama festivals were held from ancient times and even today, many festivals are inherited.

In the Hoshi district and Kawai district located at the central part of Wajima City, men who are at traditionally unlucky ages called otogumi organize the spring festival. Elaborate festival cars fully coated with Wajima lacquer decorated with cherry blossoms and dolls march along to festival music throughout the town, and Madara music and Ise Ondo or Ise chorus song are introduced.
(Event-holding date: April 4, 5, and 6)

The summer festival in Minazuki district is called Sanno Matsuri, in which wheeled floats decorated five-colored streamers and dolls are pulled by young men. At night, about 300 lanterns decorate the floats, a divine horse-riding service is performed, and the festival reaches a climax.
(Event-holding date: August 10 and 11)

In the summer festival of the Osawa district, large kasahoko or umbrella-shaped festival floats and wheeled floats decorated with doll streamers are pulled around by youth and middle-age organizations, and at night, a sumo wrestling tournament is held in the precincts.
(Event-holding date: August 19 and 20)

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