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Festival of Tone-Kehi Shrine    

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The Tone region is located in the south-east part of Fukui Prefecture, close to Shiga Prefecture. The population of the region is now reduced to 48 households with 118 persons but the spring and autumn festivals have been conserved and passed down. In the spring, on the first Sunday of April, as a preliminary celebratory event to pray for a good harvest, children wear a hat made of katsura-tree (symbolizing the vital energy of the mountain) and hold a stick made of katsura-tree as well as a bundle of straws (representing seedling rice), and make a parade to the shrine. This is said to represent playing in paddy fields, in which conditions of agricultural work are reenacted. In autumn, on the first Sunday of December, at the homes on-duty in the east and west sections, the gods are received, red and white rice cakes are pounded, and a parade primarily composed of children carrying red and white rice cakes is held to the shrine.

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