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Omi-Hachiman City , Shiga Related category:
- Festival calls spring to the Lake Country. - Himatsuri (fire festival) event Sagicho Matsuri (Sagicho Festival)    

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Omihachiman City is located to the east of Lake Biwa and in 1585, Hashiba Hidetsugu cultivated this land. There are many historical sites but the most famous is Sagicho Matsuri of Himure-Hachimangu Shrine, known as one of the three biggest fire festivals. Sagicho Matsuri is a festival of young men praying for the purging of noxious vapor and welcoming in the New Year. The main-attraction portion is built by young men while the pedestal portion is built by adults. Sagichos are built by regions and carried by young men on their shoulders, parading the streets, before eventually being set alight in the shrine precinct, where the festival reaches its climax and becomes enthusiastic and exciting.

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